Starlight Report English

Starlight Report use the genesis of astrology from Egypt and depends of the studies from Bernadette Brady, an famos english astrologer

You can order a Full Fixed Star report for your own chart in english. It cost 15,00 € or 0,0042 Bitcoin.

Fixstar Report tells you: What is your Heliacal Rising Star?
What is your Heliacal Setting Star?
What are the star myths that are linked to your chart?
It gives your astrology depth.

Send me a mail to: and ask for Starlight report: I need your Name, birthday and place of birth. After you have payed 15, 00€ to paypaladress: or 0,0042 bitcoin to 31mpwBRHFNgP4qerQVN9ekx5pARAPr4FqB
I send you the report as PDF to your Mailadress.

Here you can read a example: starlight report example